Side x Side Magazine UTV Shootout

Team Joyner USA at its first controlled Side-by-Side competition with Yamaha, Polaris, John Deer, Cub Cadet, Kawasaki, Tom Car and Arctic Cat proved it belongs squarely alongside the popular Powers ports manufacturers.  The Editors of Side X Side magazine and their staff organized a two-day event that covered many off road challenges. The course was one that many consumers may not even dare to tackle. Joyner was able to compete with all the popular brand names and even exceeded them in many areas. The testing was the most aggressive that has ever been conducted by a magazine to date.

The course started with a hill climb where the vehicles were required to maneuver through an intense riverbed while climbing out, over and around boulders, rocks and ridges that the recent rain had formed.The next event was a desert ride at high speed in and out of washes that were filled with sand and rocks. The many sharp turns necessitated the vehicles to maneuver at speeds in excess of 40 mph. The Joyner Trooper and Renegade handled all that was put to it and more. Several times the staff or a Joyner technician tried to find a hill or obstacle that they could not climb but the Joyner vehicles were unstoppable and lived up to their slogan
“Anywhere Anytime Any terrain”.  Several times the popular brand names tried to follow the Trooper in action but they only met with failure, having to back
down the hills. The Trooper and Renegade were able to show that they were a force to reckon with. The Joyner 800cc Renegade Sport Utility vehicle delivers great performance and lots of features standard that are costly extras everywhere else. Fully independent suspension front and rear. Adjustable coilover shocks, long travel suspension, lights, turn signals and a horn. The engine is a liquid cooled EFI 812cc inline three cylinder made by Chery automotive with plenty of power. Cable operated locking front and rear differentials, give you the choice to be locked or open. Switch to 4WD with the push of the dash mounted switch. 12" polished Aluminum wheels, 27" mud tires all shaft and gear driven (no belts). Five speed manual transmission with a compound low granny first gear and a 5th gear with a true overdrive ratio. Oversized components are built to take the rigors of off road. 750lb. Payload capacity and 1500lb. pulling capacity make this a true workhorse. Four wheel disc brakes handle the stopping power, full hydraulic clutch operates smooth in a dirty offroad environment. The racing style suspension bucket seats are second to none in offroad support and comfort plus full harness seatbelts are standard. The standard electric winch is operated

With many factory personnel there at the testing site, the President and CEO of Joyner International decided to attend the event. He is an off road fanatic and loves to ride, he put on his gloves and for over four hours we could not get him out of the vehicles, Joyner had brought three extra vehicles so the Joyner staff could test and play, mostly play and boy did they play. John pushed a Trooper to levels that no consumer would. He had it up on two wheels and hitting the edges of the river bed at speed in excess of 40 mph. Many of the popular brand names staff had observed the Joyner staff throughout the two day event and congratulated them on their performance and ability to launch the new UTV’s.  


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